David Stone, co-driver of the last all British crew to win the Monte Carlo Rally



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I was lucky enough to enjoy what is now recognised as the golden age of motor sport when dedicated (penniless) and highly competitive navigators and drivers drove their totally standard everyday cars on weekend events. Preparation for a rally consisted of removing the hub caps and checking the fluid levels!

Anybody (and everybody) had a go and it bred a crowd of drivers and co-drivers who came to dominate the International scene to the degree that there was a Briton in every car winning the pinnacle of the sport, the Monte Carlo Rally from 1964 to 1971 with the exception of 69 and 70. Competition was ferocious, money negligible, fun and intense rivalry a-plenty, a far cry from the mega-buck sprints (not real rallies) of today.

I hope you enjoy sharing my very happy memories.

David Stone